It’s time to say goodbye to my lovely Tampere…
How many times I’ve thought about this moment
and how many mixed feelings do I have.

I don’t have enough words to thank for this year.
How proud I am to have had this opportunity in my hands.
During the last nine months I’ve lived in a cloud.
I still remember the night I arrived to this little town,
not knowing where to go,
barely talking with my not-used English,
entering in an empty room…

I went to sleep with just a jacket,
not feeling sad or strange at all,
but exited for all the adventures that were waiting for me.
And that’s how it has been.

I bring in my flight back an extra luggage with tons of memories.
Those walks by the lake and over it,
the expeditions into the woods, the bonfires,
the craziest parties with the craziest people I’ve ever met,
the talks between rooms,
the long walks to the city center,
the fucking endless freezing winter,
the trips, the landscapes…

It is too much to resume.
And also too many the people who has a place in my heart by now.
How important can turn someone with only a few months together.
How they become your family in a couple of days.
I wait for you all in my Valencia!

After all this year, I’ve grown up from mind and heart.
Finland  is the best place to run away, to feel safe,
to find a new family,
to fall in love.

Being abroad alone, the silliest thing becomes a world
when you have nothing but yourself.
You appreciate what you have and what you don’t,
you learn about your country, about your roots,
your life, your culture, you open your mind,
your schemes fall down.

I’ve got used to miss the people I love the most.
To see them through a screen or in a photo.
To not hug them when you need them.
Here or there…
By leaving home you take the responsability
of always be missing someone.

I’ve got broken saying goodbyes.
The airports are my new cementery.
It feels awful goodbye to someone without knowing
if you’ll ever see each other again.
I’ve recorded the last hugs,
the last looks, the last words…

I’ve learnt who are the vitals in my life.
Who stays there, no matter what;
who gives you warm even at -20 degrees,
or even when thousands of miles separate you;
who forgets about you;
who forgives you and helps you;
who doesn’t need to be told that you need them to make you smile anyway.

And my 237…
This little room is my refuge.
It’s the first place I’ve felt as completely mine.
These four walls better never talk!

It has been the time to not be 100% responsible,
to get crazy, to let it happen,
to lose some things and to win another better ones.

Now is time to come back to reality.
The dream is over but it is tattooed in my heart.
Maybe I come back someday to breath this air,
to watch this sky, to walk by the lake…
Maybe i knock in this room to see who lives here.
Who knows.

By now, I only can say: kiitos paljon, Tampere.
Mä rakastan sinua.

See you soon, little paradise.
See you soon, little family.
Thanks for making this year the best of my life.

The best is yet to come. And I’ve had the time of my life.


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